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Many people interested in learning how to use firearms struggle to find the right instructor for training. At Kysmet Security we’re certain that we are the premier firearm instructor on the Central Coast that is right for you. Here are some things you should look for when choosing the right firearm instructor.


Gun Safety Course

A professional shooting instructor like Kysmet will provide a gun safety course prior to handing you a gun to train at the range. This course ensures that you are able to hold a gun safely and responsibly, aim correctly, and know the precautions when it comes to owning a weapon for self defense or hunting. These gun safety classes ensure the safety of both you and those around you.

Security Guard Training

A prepared firearms instructor will offer security guard training and will implement it in their courses in order to teach safety and protection when using a gun. They should be trained to handle situations where their and others’ safety is jeopardized.

Shooting Classes

After you have taken the necessary gun safety classes, firearms training will continue to implement what you learned into practice. You will actually be able to put what you learned about holding, aiming, and shooting a gun into play. The shooting classes that you receive through Kysmet is from an NRA Certified instructor. An NRA Certified Instructor is someone who has received permission to use and train others in using firearms from the National Rifle Association. In these classes, you will be given pistol training and your shooting instructor will guide you through the steps of using it.

Firearm Certification

Firearm certifications reassure those attending the class that their firearms training class is trustworthy because they are certified professionals. After attending the classes for pistol training and demonstrating your understanding of the precautions, safety rules, and implementation of the skills you learned, you will be awarded a firearm certification as well.

Reliable and Nearby

To choose a firearms instructor, choose someone who is known to be reliable for their gun safety training and can easily assist you in a time of need. Kysmet Security holds classes nearby in Salinas, CA and serves all of Monterey County and beyond, Now Central Coast residents can get five-star firearm instruction in their own backyard rather than one that may be hours away from home.


If your firearm instructor isn’t enthusiastic about teaching you how to earn your certificate, chances are you won’t be either. At Kysmet Security we encourage you to improve your skill and compliment the progress you are making rather than someone who scolds you for your every mistake. Receiving firearm instruction classes from an apathetic or indifferent teacher will make you dread the classes.

Learning Style

If you learn a certain way, whether it be through trying it yourself or seeing someone else do it, make sure you find an instructor that teachers the way you learn. If you have difficulty learning from audio, ask the instructor if you could try learning a different way by seeing or trying it yourself. At Kysmet we have extensive experience in leading and conducting gun safety training courses and provide top-notch firearm instruction.


If you or a friend or family member is interested in receiving instruction from a top-level firearm instructor fill out the form below or call (831) 998-7963. We would love to speak to you about your goals and what you need to learn and how you learn. Now high-quality firearm instruction is in your backyard and serving the entire Monterey County and beyond.

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